Partnership Program

Valued partners who support the club

Get involved with the club by joining the Partnership Program. Each application is individually assessed by the committee against club guidelines.

All partners must be approved by the committee. Partnerships are reviewed on an annual basis.

How to get involved with the club?

Partners can get involved in the club by joining the Partnership Program. This allows our partners — whom are endorsed by the club and its committee — to offer exclusive products and services to all club members & associates. Partner products & services must be a good fit for the club and the Mercedes-AMG marque.

How do partners benefit from endorsing the club?

Partners are given priority and often exclusivity over any other businesses that the club might endorse from time to time. There might be multiple partners for the same service but differentiated by region (i.e. detailers for South, North, East, West Melbourne etc.). Partners also get exclusive posts on the club’s Facebook page posted by the admins themselves. Non-partner businesses are precluded from advertising on the club's facebook page.